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Justin Ewart is a Web Developer and Graphic Designer

His clients include both large and small businesses, artists, authors, healers, and non-profit organizations. Justin contributes to a number of large team projects (Canadian Tire, TD Bank, Bayer Aspirin, etc.), and also offers affordable services to individuals and small business.

Justin Ewart has been designing and programming for the web since 2000, working independently and on contract for various design firms and advertising agencies.

He holds a diploma in Web Development from Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario and a BA in Philosophy from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Justin is also a musician, writer, painter, Astrologer, an aspiring film maker, and generally does everything else creative he can manage to get involved in.

Justin brings his unique vision and well-rounded creativity to every new Web design project. He prides himself on giving shape to the client’s creative vision as well as producing back-end code to industry standards for cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

Visit the Portfolio for selections of Justin's work and customer testimonials.

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